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Crossword Cryptogram is a unique word game,that combines elements of crossword andcryptogram word puzzles.You are given a crossword with no clues, Thechallenge is to complete the puzzle with acryptogramesque gameplay.
Three Difficulty modes. (Easy, Medium, Hard),The early levels of the Easy category willget you up to speed with the gameplay.
Each Level exposes part of the solution.The higher the level the less exposed solution.Incrementing difficulty as you level up!
Easy - 50% to 75% of correct letters exposed.Medium - 25% to 49% of correct letters exposed.Hard - 0% to 24% of correct letters exposed.
To help you complete the most difficult levels,five hints are provided for each level.
Use Hints wisely, Each hint will exposea wrong letter placement or notify you that allletter placements are correct.
This is a very challenging word puzzle game. A real workout for your gray matter.